Monday, March 01, 2004
Wow! I haven't written in like...a month! Well anyways to answer your question why I am home and not at school? Well I was walking to go to school and I was almost there. So I was walking really fast and next thing I know I'm on the ground and my face feels numb. I feel my nose running and so I touch my nose and my hand is covered in blood so I run to the nearest building to use the bathroom and my whole face is covered in blood! I washed the blood off, but my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. When I finally thought I got the bleeding under control I went to my first period. English. I was there for like two minutes when my nose started to act up again. I told some friends my story and they told me to go to the office so I did. Well they gave me ice and then I went to the attendence office to call home and here I am! My nose stopped bleeding but it stings really bad and I have a doctors appointment at 11:30 more later..


When I got home. I had a chance to notice my injuries. Pretty small. I have a bruise on my thumb from when I tried to sheild my face from the fall and my right hand is scraped. On the bottom of my lip is scraped too and also I bit my lip when I fell which explains why I was bleeding in my mouth. And my nose...is all swollen!! It looks big and fat!! ( T.T) I know when I go to the doctors office they might not find anything, but better safe than sorry....

I guess I didn't know how to react to that situation. My only thought was 'stop the bleeding' and at least I was calm and not crying my eyes out... Now that I mention it the fall didn't hurt at all it all just felt like one big bruise...

Off the Topic...

I got Moon Child on Friday!!! I saw it Saturday!! The movie was so sad!! ( well that's all I have time to type right now..)

I also downloaded Battle Royale on my computer and I can't get enough of it!!! That movie is so twisted! I love it!!
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