Thursday, January 29, 2004
Before anything else ... I would like to say Tanjoubi omedetou hyde-kun !!!! XD (Happy Brithday)!!!!
Today I listened to L'arc en ciel and Hyde's Roentgen and Roku Roku Roku!!! That's it ^^;;; Well have a nice birthday Hyde-kun!!!! XD

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
I was gonna write sooner, but you know who things get. Let's see...

On January 24 I was my sister's birthday. She turned two. We went to IHOP and then later on in the day we had pizza and cake. I can't much say about this day. I was bored so I stayed home most of the day. I only went to IHOP and then my mom dropped me off at home. While she and my two sisters went to the mall. IHOP was crowded when we got there. I overheard the lady said "We've never had a party of 40 before!" I guess it was somebody else's birthday. And then they sang to my sister : I dont know, but I've been told. Someone here is getting old. Good news is the ice cream's free. Bad news is we sing off key. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you! And then she got free icecream.

Today is my Birthday!!!! I slept in most of the day because when we have tests in school, I get suddenly sleepy and I had a test in Human Biology. I didn't prepare yesterday and I got 77/100. Then I woke up and had pizza and homemade cake. *sigh* It's almost going to be February. Time for a new layout. Maybe pink because of valentine's day? Well gotta go eat more cake. *Ciao*
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Yikes!!! Haven't written in a while. I guess I need to change the mp3 of week, but is to lazy to do so. XP
Lets see.... I WAS in a bad mood, but feels better now.
Hears why I was in a bad mood:
1. I realised I FAILED one of my classes
2. Sara was throwing a tantrum over an eraser.
3. The AP assignment we were working in class was do THAT day
4. I positively HATE PE LIKE A SICKNESS!!!!!

*sigh* But is feeling better now.. One week til by B-day!!!! 3 days for my sisters, and 8 days for Hyde's B-day!!!
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Saturday, January 10, 2004
New mp3 of the week!!!! Ayumi Hamasaki's No way to say. Hope you like ^_^
Oh! And I resolved the 'Moon Child" incident. Hopefully it will come on my birthday January 28th.
Or maybe on January 29th <----Hyde's birthday!!!!! XD

Gotta go do my English homework so see ya *wink*
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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Gah!!! I'm addicted to this manga ----> Mars by: Fuyumi Soryo!!! Must read the next installment quick! Oh why does this mangaka like to end Mars with cliffhangers!!! Ahhh!!! Well anyways...I'm so nervous 1 week until the semester ends and I still don't know where my next classes are!!! I hate switching semester >.<;; I know ALL my classes in the first to terms, but every time I change classes I don't know where they are!!! Oh, well before the term ends I'll wander around the school until I find my classes ^_^ Gotta go...oh! and I'm a member of this forum now ^.^ go check it out ~.^ *Later*
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
You know what really got me upset today...getting a ZERO on my Biology paper!!!
My teacher thought I "Plagirized" so now I have to do it all over again! And I even get docked points off because it was "late" even though I turned the paper on time...Grr!! I hate my HUMAN BIOLOGY teacher!!!!!!
*sigh* I don't even feel like doing anything today in Multimedia. (I'm typing at school..) *sigh*
And then I have three Ds and there are 8 days until the term ends. I don't know where my classes are next semester and I have classes I hate next semester and the lists go on and on...I realised I don't have enough money for the Zappy magazine I bid on and I won so I HAVE to pay for it, Moon Child still hasen't arrived yet, I still need to learn how to drive, I don't have dress clothes for PE and my birthday is comming up in 3 weeks!!!!

Gotta go *THIS* is one of the classes I have a D on... *See ya*
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Monday, January 05, 2004
Guess what I've been playing mostly all my vacation....FFX-2!!! I'm so addicted to the game...Must..get..good...ending....
*drool* Well anyways.... Yeah, I haven't been outside in days so I'm glad vacations are over and my cousin took back his game, no more temptations.. *looks at Hollywood Video* nooooo!!! Must....rent...FFX-2....*drool*

See ya *wink*
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Friday, January 02, 2004
Phone still here!!! Today...let's see...

I went to the movies today (dollar movies) and saw Spy Kids 3D with my brothers...
It was ok...

Oh! And got new lightbulbs for my room!!! Horray!! NO MORE DARKNESS!!!! ^_^


Today is my mom's birthday!! Too bad she's not here. She went to California and won't be back until tommorrow.

Well gotta go... *head hurts* See ya later *wink*
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Thursday, January 01, 2004
123...Happy NEW YEARS!!!

Hope you had a good 2003 and now....2004!!!

My New Years' Resolution

1. Learn Japanese
2. Go to Japan (like if that's gonna happen ~.^)

Oh! And I might have a present for you later on in the day....if the phone company doesn't shut the phone line! >.<

Well gotta go *opens cider* HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! ^_^

[New Entry]

Yay! Your New Years Present!!!
1 month worth of mp3s of the week
P.s. I take it back about what I said about Ayumi Hamasaki's work..
I love it!!!


1. Hyde Angel's Tale
2. L'arc en ciel's Stay Away
3. Gackt Vanilla
4. Ayumi Hamasaki's Unite!
5. Hikaru Utada Colors
6. Dir en Grey Garden
7. Malice Mizer Beast of Blood
8. Tetsu69 Shinkiro
9. The Brilliant Green Angel's Song
10. Lead Get Wild Life

Hurry up and download beacause the are only staying for a week!

P.s. To download them right click the link and choose "save target as."

>>>HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004 !!!<<<

>>>>あけましておめでとう ;今年もよろしくお願いします<<<<

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