Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Yay!!! New layout! And a day early too ~.^ It's because I found out they're cutting off my second line on New Years so I won't be writing here as often...

NEW changes for NEW YEARS!!!
Just like I promised a new layout featuring Hyde again!!
New Section, Mp3 of the Month, Today's song: L'arc~en~Ciel's Honey.
And a new time thingy in the bottom!!! I hate it >.< I want it to say 7:30pm not 7:30:24pm!!!
It's because I found out that the time thingy was an hour earlier, but....I should have left it the way it was!!!
Oh, well NEW Years equal new changes.

*yawn* Gotta go *throws confetti* Happy New Years Eve!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
It's almost NEW YEARS!!!

Yep. Tomorrow is the last day of 2003. Get ready for a new layout on New Years!!! I'm also going to be adding a new feature...Mp3 of the week. It's going to be either my favorite song of the week or the song I'm downloading that week!!
So be prepared to listen to some Jpop/Jrock!!! Have fun this new years!!!

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Monday, December 29, 2003
READY STEADY GOOO!!!! I just heard a very poor quality clip of L'arc en ciel's new single "Ready Steady Go." It is very cachy!! Can't wait to downloa---I mean buy it..XP when it comes out February! Speaking of Japanese music I decided to actually listen to some Jpop...so I downloaded Ayumi Hamasaki's "Trauma" and this band called Lead's song "Get Wild Life" (?) errr....I prefer Jrock instead... Ayumi sounded like an opening song to an anime... but both songs were also very catchy especially "Get Wild Life."

I am very mad right now!!! I broke a data disc!!! Grrr!! I still don't know what was in there... I hope nothing important... All I remember in there was the mp3 files of the "Roentgen" cd that I downloaded in case I needed to burn another copy and maybe a Hyde gallery... Oh well that's what you get for running in the house and slamming against a brick wall!!! >.<

Let's see... Yesterday was sooo boring!!!! I was at my uncle's house almost the whole day and there was nothing to do there!!! Plus it was hot in that house...and alot of kids!!! Everybody was there. My uncle, aunt, grandparents, cousins etc. Did I mention it was hot? And it was 19 degrees outside!!!

what else....

It's still snowing outside!!!! Probably another two inches. There is already four outside!!! This is the biggest snowfall we've had in months!!!


And my lightbulb to my room burned out! >.< How am I going to do my vacation homework now?!!

Gotta go guys. *See ya*
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Saturday, December 27, 2003
I'm WIDE AWAKE right?! Anyways today is soo cold because is snowed the whole frikkin' day yesterday. It hasn't snowed this hard since we first moved here... 6 years ago. *shivers* The snow is so deep...we probably would have had a snow day if we were still in school! (or maybe I'm exaggerating?)

Yesterday my cousin brought Final Fantasy X-2 to my house. It's a good game. The gameplay goes very fast. I'm almost on Chapter 2! I like the costume changes although *sniff* I miss the aeons! ...Who is this Lenne and why is Tidus trying to help him/her? Weird... Too bad I can't play! My cousin took it back to his house >.< I'm probably going to rent the darn thing on Hollywood Video...and maybe some anime. I haven't watched anime since...months! I soo want to see X TV 2 The first one had the OAV on it so I only saw two episodes! I hope X TV doesn't end like X: The Movie...everybody dies in that one! I miss Shonen Jump! I'm so far behind on the volumes! ( I have to go all the way to Media Play or Barnes and Nobles for it and I don't go every month!) *sigh* Oh well..I'll just buy the manga of Naruto/Shaman King/Sandland/Ruoroni Kenshin/One Piece/ etc... *sigh again* Well anyways...It looks like I'm addicted to shoujo manga!
Right now I'm reading Mars Vol. 3...darn that Mars! You're making me read all fifteen volumes! It's Angel Sanctuary all over again ^^;; (Which reminds me...) *yay* Angel Sanctuary is licenced by VIZ! I just hope that the don't mess up Kaori Yuki's amazing writing style or that they don't "flip" the original drawing. Do it like Tokyopop does their mangas! The "100% authentic manga" way! Well better start off the day today!

*bye* *waves*

[New Entry]

Oh My Goodness!!!

We had just gotten back from a scary thing... *shivers* Today we went to go visit my dad's grave. We knew up there wasn't shoveled and that we might get stuck, but we went anyways... *Big Mistake!* Along the way back we got stuck..
I mean really stuck. Not being able to go fowards or backwards or anything. Just stationary. Nobody's here.
The cementary is up on a little mountain. And my mom didn't have her cellphone! Luckly some guys saw us and helped us by pulling out our car (you know...they tied a rope to their car, started their car to move it...) That's when we got out of the snow and my mom offered them some coffee...(I don't know...I mean they were really nice guys, but something about them made me feel worried. They just didn't rub me the right way...) So we went to Mc Donalds and that's when the guy says "We don't drink coffee! How about some Beer?" *sigh* So my mom gave them some money instead and they left. ( I dunno....I still feel weird about those guys...)

P.S. Went to Wallmart today! With my $40 dollar gift card. I bought me a language CDRom (so I can learn Japanese..) and CD cases for my black CDS.

Well now I gotta go ...Need to go to sleep early for tomorrow so...

*Sayonara* <----Japanese for Bye?

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Thursday, December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas!!!!! Hope you get losts of presents and EGGNOG!!! ( I opened mine last night ^^;;)

Went to the movies today! I so wanted to see Peter Pan ( how old am I again? ^^;) It's just that I've liked the story of Peter Pan since I was a kid and I wanted to see it come to life...but democracy took over and I was outvoted so we went to go see "The Haunted Mansion" (Loved the ride...can't say much about the movie..) The movie was TOO family oriented! It should have been like Pirates of the Carribean! I like Eddie Murphy's work, but he was poorly casted on this movie. It wasn't even funny. He wasn't even funny! He just got annoying! *sigh* I don't think I'll ever enjoy the ride again! >.< We should have watched Peter Pan!!

Anyways since I forgot to write yesterday I'll write it in here:

Yesterday I was going to right, but I was so tired. I went to go get my haircut with my mom because we were going to the same place (she was dying her hair brown). Mine took what maybe five minutes? Hers took 5 hours! I had to be there for five hours!!! Let me tell you why.... After the lady cut my hair, she had to take my mom's color away form her hair so she can see the results better so she dyed her hair. (1 hr.) She then put highlights on my mom's hair (1 hr.)
She then put the color over the highlights. (1 hr) After that she washed my mom's hair and blow dry it so she can see the color better. (30 min.) Then my mom said the color was to light so she had to weave more brown in her hair (30 min.) But my mom still said it was too light so the lady had to get a new bottle of dye and then redye my mom's hair on top. (1 hr.) *sigh* I was so tired! And it was Christmas Eve! We went there at noon and didn't leave there until five in the evening.

Well gotta go! Merry Chirstmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!! ~.^
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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Yesterday we exchanged the secret santa gift's. Jessica is the one that had my name. Well anyways everybody started laughing when Sara opened her present. It was glow in the dark boxers!!! It's a loooong story that i don't feel like mentioning here because...I have a bio. essay...*sigh* Well anyways we're not going to California after all... Not that I mind... Ohh I reeeaaallly got to go! *bye*
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
*throws confetti in the air*

Yay!!!! Guess what? I bought Moon Child today!!! I found the exact same seller that was selling it last time and I immediatly bought it!!! Yay! Does anybody know how long a package from Switzerland to America takes to get here? Because I just remembered...I'm leaving for L.A ! I'm staying there for two weeks!!! >.< Give me a break I have too many things on my plate! Like trying to pass English. I only missed one assignment all term and now I have a D! T.T NO FAIR!!! I guess I can't complain I know there are people worser than me... Well, anyways today Amanda said she had a rotten weekend! *runs to her house with milk and cookies* That's it! I'm buying Amanda a Christmas present! Even though I didn't pull her name out that hat. Screw the $5.00 minimum rule! (can you tell our table doesn't work. We have so much in common ^^;;) Well anyways... Watch out Amanda! (maybe I should give her something....intresting....) *evil smirk* Mwaaaaaaahhhaaa!!!!!
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Friday, December 12, 2003
Our lunch table is playing "secret santa" where you draw a names out and the persons' name you drew out you buy the present for. I drew Peati's name out. I don't know what to get her. I lump of coal maybe lol j/k I would never do that to Peati ~.^ More details soon gotta go. Ciao.

P.s. I took another Hyde quiz and for some reason i always come up as the "long-haired" Hyde ^^;; Well anyways below are the results...

Which Hyde are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

What did I tell you?

You're Tetsu!

Which l'arc en ciel member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm Tetsu! Yay! *bouces around the room* j/k

Hyde - The favorite of all your teachers, you are the name brand
Hyde - The favorite of all your teachers, you are
the name brand "model-worthy adorable"
and you
know it. You enjoy watching the other little
girls and boys kiss each other...and sometimes you
bring your dad's camcorder. You are pretty serious
for a little boy and hardly ever smile, but your
teachers and fellow students know that your pouty
facade is destined for big things. Your beautiful
little pre-adolescent singing voice and way with
words makes the little girls (and some of the
little boys) cry with passion. But still...your
English could use a little tweaking.

What L'arc~en~Ciel child are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

So I'm Hyde as a child...Hey who knows I might be famous after high school like Hyde one day ~.^

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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Grr! I am so MAD >.< I finally found the Moon Child DVD for $15 dollars instead of the regular $75 dollars & when I first saw it there were 75 left. So a was like "I'll buy presents for my family first" so when I finally finished shopping and had the money to buy the DVD it was sold out >.< THE BID ENDED EARLY!!!! Grr! Well anyways I will TRY to find another auction on MOON CHILD that accepts dollars because I don't have a credit card for PAYPAL and usually all the autions are PAPAL ONLY!!! Grr! It's making me more mad! Well the good news is the I can cross Roentgen & 666 from HYDE off my list. I got them!!! Well I burned the CD ^^;; I really wanted to buy it, but when oportunity knocked...I took it. Well goota go. Ciao all.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
I reallly need to updated this more often. Let's see if I can remember my weekend. *sweatdrops* The only thing I can remember right now is:


Amanda's Birthday Party! I actually went to her house early because my ride had to leave somewhere and while I was there I saw Amanda's project on Dante's Inferno (for English class). It was so hilarious! Britney Spears even made an appearece in Dante's Hell. (and I later found out that her video project got extra points! I'm so envious!) Then when everyone got there we went ice skating until the skating rink closed. Then we went to Amanda's house to hang out, open presents, and eat cake & icecream. ( I got her perfume...Hey it was a last minute present o.k! So leave me alone >.< ) Then all the girls went into Amanda's costume box and dressed up. They looked like elderly women! LOL! Then when mom came to pick me up, they excorted me out of Amanda's house; costumes and all! lol! Well anyways gotta go see ya'll later.
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