Saturday, November 29, 2003
I feel sick. Really REALLY sick! After Thanksgiving I retired early and that night....I couldn't go to sleep! I felt really cold and when I covered myself up I felt really hot. So I went to the doctor and she said it was a virus >.< I HATE viruses. I'm the first one to get sick and the last one to recover! Today I feel the same things and so I took my temperature and it was 101 degrees. So I have a fever.....Uggh! I hope I don't miss school. My school is so strict. 5 absences in a row can lead to a ticket! I have to go and TRY to get some sleep. Later all....
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Thursday, November 27, 2003
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope your stuffed as much as the turkey you're eating! XD

Today there's no school and almost everything this closed. So I took a quiz to ease my bordom.

You're long and natural!
You're long and natural Hyde: sweet, sensitive, and
a little more down to earth than your other
incarnations. You don't let the little things
bother you, but you are very, very pretty
indeed. Your mantra: "It can be fixed,
it's no big deal."

What Hyde hairstyle are you?
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Yay! I'm long haired HYDE! *cheers*

Morbid, spooky, yet quite beautiful. You contain
many lightning flashes, a giant yellow snake, a
levitating creepy girl, and Hyde doing some
kinda snake-y dance-y thing. But it still looks
good. Damn good. You could just die.

Which L'arc~en~ciel Music Video Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I downloaded that Music Video. It looks...err...intresting!

I like my Jrock: Hyper Para Beat!
You're Hyper Para Beat! Unable to stand still for
30 seconds, you need something to dance to
while still getting your rock kick. You think
para para dance is sexy and refreshing. Your
favorite bands probably include Gackt Job,
Dasein and of course Psycho le Cemu.

What's Your Genre Of Jrock?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok......(insert comment here!) Dunno what to say!


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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Ugk! I so want to see Moon Child! I tried downloading it, but I needed a DIVX encoder and when I downloaded it....IT DIDN'T WORK! AGGGGHHH! So I decided to buy the darn movie but...it's a wopping $70 bucks! I'm not made of money! I so need a job! T.T HYDE's New Album "666" is coming out in 12/2/03. I WANT THAT CD! At least I can offord it. And Amanda's Birthday is the same day HYDE's CD is coming out! I don't know if I should buy the CD or buy Amanda a present ^^;;; I also want this month's PATI PATI magazine featuring...you guessed it...HYDE! (Haido). It's out of print and I found it at EBAY! That's it I'm putting my wish list up....

Wish List
1. Hyde's Album "666"
2. Moon Child DVD
3. Pati Pati Magazine 12/03
4. Hyde 2004 Calendar
5. Hyde's Album "Roentgen"

Added two New items to my wish list:

1. Akino Arai's Album "Rgb"
2. Akino Arai's Album "Koseki Radio"

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Saturday, November 22, 2003
New Layout! Featuring HYDE! Former L'arc en Ciel singer! My only complaint is that its uber slow to upload the pictures since they're in bmp format. I guess one of these day I have to convert the files to jpg format. Grr! Now that I look at it...I looks...well...the transperacy looks too big on top! It's because this was originally another layout only I made some slight alterations. I wish I could make my own layouts! I always have to use premade layouts or I have to butcher the premade layouts! That's why I took Multimedia because I thought that Mr. Child would teach me HTML encoding, but NOOOOOOO! I had to learn really basic HTML skills by myself and that's not enough to make a way cool website! *sigh* Oh well... Anyways today was so boring I didn't plan on/do anything! I just layed around and watched tv some exiting life huh? Well gotta go. Forgot I need to read another chapter of Lord of the Flies for English! Ciao!

P.S. If you're reeeeeeeeeaallly patient and the page uploads all the way you can hear Hyde song "Hello" play in the background. I love that song. I even have the music video. It's so cool! You get to see ghosts! Yay! Well *bye*

PPS. I might take the background picture out. (For the page to load faster..) I dunno what do you think?
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
I finally brought my compter to the new house! *yay!* Now I can type regularly. Guess what? Timeline again...


Mom and Everardo got married today! *More details later*

11-7-03 to 11-10-03

Mom and Everardo went on their honeymoon and had to take care of the kids! I almost pulled my hair out *Details later too* (I'm just bad at explaining things and also lazy XP.)

I guess there was more, but so much has happened over the course of two weeks that I forget certain things. Oh! Amanda went on vacation in the Carolinas (can't remember if it was North or South...) and came back on Friday. School just isn't as fun without her. Although Michele does make school intresting in the effect that she has a mind in the gutter and her dirty jokes XD. Yay! I'm uber exited. I bought the Final Fantasy X-2 demo with the prequel never before seen! It was almost sold out and the one I got ...well.. the packaging was ripped and beggers can't be choosers. It's just that I can't hook up the PS2 in Everardo's Big Screen TV. It's too stubburn! *shakes fist at TV* Well gotta run! Ciao all.

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Monday, November 03, 2003
So Sorry for not typing! I've been uber busy with lots of stuff so I'm going to make a timeline again! (yay!)

I went to Amanda's party after all. I was originally dressed up as a goth, but with a cape and glasses, I winded up looking like Neo from The Matrix with purple hair ^^;; We didn't do much. We just hanged out, but it was alot of fun. Amanda made some games like we wrote names of famous people, put them on other people's backs, and the had to guess who they were. I was "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo!"(?) from South Park. Then we did a popcorn game where one person would say like " I've never drank coffee," and those who did had to eat a piece of popcorn and you had ten pieces and who ever had popcorn left last was the winner then we played "Murder in the Dark," (I really don't feel like explaining any more games right now! XP ) And played in the "Daycare Room," with the strobelight, listened to music and ate. Well after I left Amanda's party I had to sleep in the new house (It felt like sleeping in a strangers' house!) with purple hair and all! LOL!

I went to the movies with my aunt and cousins and saw "The Medallion," with Jackie Chan! It was so funny!
(Then I had to sleep in the new house again XP)

I finally finished packing so all of my clothes and stuff are at the new house. I didn't feel like sleeping early so I watched "The Secret Garden," ( I haven't seen that movie in ages!) and Scare Tactics until I fell asleep. Oh and let's not forget Charmed gotta love that Charmed ^^.

Nothing really happened today other than I had to walk a diffrent way to school. I thought that it was going to be a longer walk. I usually leave to school at 7:15am and takes me 10min to walk to school. Well today I left a 7:05am and it took me 10min as well. So basically it's the same amount of time just walking diffrent paths! Well....I really should be working right now! (I'm still in school you know!) So Ciao!

P.S. Guess what? It's snowing!!!! While California is battling with fires we're battling with snow. It snowed on the 30th and hasn't stopped since. (Well it has, but not for a long period of time....)*looks out the window* *sigh* I have to walk home today! >_<

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