Friday, October 24, 2003
I didn't study of my midterms! ^^;; On AP European History I got 24/48 on the first test, but on the second test I got 34/36!
I f I had studied I would have gotten a good score on the first test and we reviewed the events on the last test so that's why I got a good grade on it. Then we had to take a math final in math and I'm pretty sure I got a good grade on that one!
And we are almost moved out! We're taking the computer today. Awww!
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Monday, October 20, 2003
Today was my cousin's birthday! XD. We had lots of cake and ice cream! Feel to lazy to even write now. I have to study for 4 finals! >_< Now I know how Crisis felt when Sakura-Crisis was down and had to rebuild the site while she had all those midterms! Talk to you later Bye!

P.S. Oh! One more thing. The site that "hosted" the Sakura-Crisis.net scans were taken out. ( I knew that they didn't have permision to host them...)
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Friday, October 17, 2003
Yes! I'm alive! I'm just lazy XP Well anyways tons of things have happened! I write them in my journal, but I always neglect to write them on my blog! Well anyways I'll give you a timeline for now!

10-11- 03

My mom and Everardo announced that they were getting married! They took all us kids to IHOP for breakfast and told us the news! They're getting married in November 7th.


My mom went to pick up her wedding dress at the mall. It's ivory! She then told us that we are getting married in the new house! Yes, we got the new house!


I found out from Amanda why she didn't go to school on Tuesday. She got hit by a car! At first I thought she was just kidding, but then I realized she was telling the truth...I asked her how she was of course, (she only had minor tissue damage and she hit the person's rear view mirror with her hand), but I just I could never comprehend how she felt since it never happened to me. Thank goodness she was alright!


We got the key to the new house! We started moving immedietly! (Well we've been ready for a long time ~.^)


I updated my blog (as you can see...) and changed the layout! Wait for it to download all the way so that you can listen to "Hikari" by: Hikaru Utada. It takes a few minutes if you have a poor internet connection (like me..) So please be patient!

P.S. The Sakura-Crisis.net site was down for quite a while, but now it's back up! Horray for Crisis! (It was her birthday yesterday by the way!)

P.P.S. I looks like some site has been stealing the works of various scanlation sites and posting them as their own! Including Sakura-Crisis.net's!

P.P.P.S. I'm listening to Hyde's "The Other Side" I love this song!

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Saturday, October 04, 2003
*sigh* I feel like a fifth wheel in our "group." Well, not "our" more like "theirs" I mean I feel out of place, like I don't belong. I feel like living breathing...wallpaper. I know Amanda is trying to get me involved, but... When she tries to make conversation I feel nervous around her. Nobody makes me feel like that! I can also read people, but Amanda...she's a enigma to me. The only people I can talk to is Sara and Peati and that's only about schoolwork! Which reminds me that I have to start my AP homework @_@ I swear homework is controlling my life! I can't even go to the movies or indulge myself in earthy pleasures ^^; I shift back and forth between writting about the Reformation and posting on the Sakura-Crisis message board. *sigh* Sakura-Crisis is still down, but oh well! Let's look at the positives! I have 87 things left to define/search on the Reformation T.T

P.S. The pic on my blogger isn't working *roar* Must.....find....pic....
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